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Welcome to the World of Machine Learning, Computer Vision &
Video Analytics

Art of Logic has the scope to be able to integrate any analytics with your exiting ecosystem. Contact us today for a free consultation and a live demo! 

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Art of Logic's proposed intelligent video management software, Nx Witness, give your business a
powerful and innovative new approach to managing high definition surveillance video. Nx Witness VMS allows users to accurately and effectively manage multiple sites simultaneously. 

Nx's Witness competitive one-time price model, free updates for life, and extensive integrations network places for the perfect video management solution. Nx Witness VMS is simple to deploy and scales easily. With the Nx cloud platform, multisite server access and monitoring is simple and system-wide users access rights can be implemented in a few clicks. 

In conjunction with Nx Witness VMS, Art of Logic's video analytics software offers a unique service that transforms any video camera into a business intelligence tool that can be accessed from any device as well as integrations with POS systems. When you purchase Nx licenses from Art of Logic, we provide a channel of object recognition with licence purchases over 40 Nx licences.

The data available from video analytics includes:

  • License Plate Recognition

  • People Counting, Dwell time, Occupancy, Age & Gender

  • Demographics

  • POS System Integrations

  • Identity management through facial recognition

  • Heat mapping

  • Object Recognition


Nx Witness VMS System Overview

Nx Witness



Purchase your Nx Licences with  competitive pricing  today. 

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Art of Logic is able to integrate and customize the latest facial and identity recognition technology software to deliver a number of tangible insights about your business and customers. We deliver identity centric solutions enabling businesses to proactively gain real-time customer insights.

Fast and accurate performance is achieved with minimal hardware requirements and coupled with face, age, gender & sentiment recognition we can deliver a number of tangible insights about your business including, wheelchair bound customers as well as those that are either standing still of walking through the capture zone. 


  • Facial Recognition - A wide variety of applications. 

  • Demographic Analysis; determining the age, gender & sentiment of a person.

  • Face Search - for missing people, finding people in a crowd, repeat visitors 

  • Facial Matching - Capturing faces and comparing against a known list.

  • Security Warnings for known offenders - a recent deployment saw 6 convictions in the first 3 months in 1 store.

  • Time in attendance reports with no user interaction.

  • Access Control - potentially integrated with learning systems for web based automated induction.

Facial Recognition and the advanced video analytics  provide altogether better understanding of customer movement and behaviour. Real-time customer insights provide instant understanding of customer interaction with products and displays, as well as for example proactively recognise threats. The ability to recognise and engage repeat customers is particularly useful for understanding detailed spending habits or to smart signage to enhance in-store experience.  



Art of Logic partners with leading License Plate Recognition vendors to effectively monitor and address public safety concerns, protect assets and provide insights into businesses and communities. We integrate technology to provide public safety, video analytics and surveillance solutions that work for all business types.


Security CCTV partnered with Licence Plate Recognition software along with trained Computer Vision,  Art of Logic adds and extra layer of security to your business. LPR cameras constantly monitor entry and exit points to a multi-level secure parking areas. This enables customers to monitor their facilities thoroughfare and improve visitor experience, safety and management of parking. 

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People Counting | Age, Gender & Sentient | Heat & Path Mapping | Dwell & Queue Time | End Cap Monitoring

Art of Logic is now at the forefront of a revolution in the commercial application of video analytics and the integration of this platform with IoT technologies, WI-FI and access control to create valuable customer insight by sending it through a human interface.  

Facial recognition, age & gender demographics, object tracking, heat and path mapping and more are tailored to maximise operational efficiency, enhance customer experience, improved ease of access and safety as well as deliver measurable returns on investment.   

This range is constantly evolving, paralleling the rapid advancements in security-related technology. 

After capturing faces, Art of Logic uses video analytics to determine the age and gender of each person, with age defined broadly in blocks (eg 30-40 years old). This data can then be used to gain a better understanding of customer behaviour by gender and age. 


Art of Logic can integrate the analytics data with other systems to provide near-real time feedback for marketing and sales teams, and or potentially integrating with signage providers to connect back to people by providing custom signage, maps, specials suited to their demographic.


Key benefits:

  • Find persons of interest faster when investigating cases of fraud and robbery

  • More effective asset protection by identifying known suspects

  • Enhanced “Self Exclusion” capabilities with customisable alerts to relevant staff

  • Multi-site data collaboration available

  • Time & attendance reporting for staffing and payroll



Art of Logic has developed a significant trained library of objects we can use computer vision for detection, from guns and knives to your favourite animals we can customise per customer, we even have a “standard selectable” data base where any one of 80 objects will be detected and show as a notification in NX.


We integrate all of the above into simple proactive automated tailored notifications into your smartphone that are specifically custom-designed to your needs.