Abstract Background

Installation Guide

The Ant

For all your Ant support requirements, see below:

1. Enable Nx server on Ant

From within NX start your new server

Your device will pick up an IP through DHCP.

Assign it a name

Find your cameras

Select your Server name, select ‘System Administration’

Enter your Nx licence keys for each channel

Configure recording as follows for best optimization (requires licenses to be added).

  • Select a Camera from the available list, right click and select ‘Camera Settings’

  • Select ‘Recording’ and turn on recording

  • Select the required schedule for recording (ie you can select all)

  • Select ‘Motion & Low Res’

  • Select ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’

2. Enabling Art of Logic Object Recognition plug-in

Select your Server, right click and open ‘System Administration’

Select the ‘Plugins’ tab at top of panel

Enter your details as required (licence key, user email & password).

Make sure to tick to validate and apply license key then scroll down and select your objects.

Then Click apply down the bottom.

Next Step access the camera settings of the camera that you will be adding the plugin onto (select camera, right click and select ‘Camera Settings’).

Go to the ‘plugins’ tab.

  • Turn the switch on and for optimization set the Camera stream to Secondary.

  • Click Apply.

3. Mounting a Hard Drive

Unscrew two Back Screws on Ant.

Take off shell.

Remove 4 side screws (2 on each side).

Place Harddrive securely in allocated harddrive spot.

Now plugin device to ethernet and power.

Now two options:

1. Connect to Device via SSH (with credentials: aol/aol)

2. Attach HDMI from Ant to monitor and mouse and keyboard to Ant.

Then open up a terminal, located in task bar.

Commands to follow:

# We want to see what the hard drive is attached as, typically sda

sudo fdisk –l

a) The below does not have a hard drive attached

b) The below DOES have a hard drive attached

# Assuming is sda, we now make a filesystem for the new mounted drive

sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda

# and a local directory for the material to be seen###

sudo mkdir -p /nxrecord

# now we mount the device

sudo mount -t auto /dev/sda /nxrecord

# now to ensure that the device does not unmount itself, we manage a file to ensure when the device reloads it reloads with knowledge of existing mount. So we get the id. As is highlighted below

sudo blkid

# We then want to copy this UUID down and enter into the next file

sudo nano /etc/fstab

# then we want to enter the following into the file

UUID= /mnt/nxrecord ext4 nofail,errors=remount-ro 0 0

# Should look as follows

4. Troubleshooting

If objects are not detecting in Nx, try the following:

If needed, restart the ‘Art of Logic Object Detection’ plug in (turn off, click apply, turn on, click apply)

The following fields will autofill appropriately if details are correct.

If the troubleshooting was not successful, please lodge a support ticket below.