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ANT ML Guide

NX Witness *Default username is admin and the default password is MightyAnt22!

Ubuntu 18.04 OS *Default username is allnet and the default password is allnet

IP Address set to DHCP

Open NX Witness and log into the server, set the server up as required with the cameras and rules required to suit the installation.

To set up one channel of object recognition please follow the steps below.

Open an internet browser and enter the following address, http://SERVER.IP.ADDRESS:9000 replacing “Server.IP.Address with the IP address of the unit, you will see the following page.

The following settings will remain the same without needing adjustment

Yolo settings

Config - /usr/share/aol-or/yolodata/yolov4.cfg

Weights - /usr/share/aol-or/yolodata/yolov4.weights

The below settings can be adjusted if required but generally can be left as it is

Probability from 0.0 to 1.0

Probability – 0.7

Skip Frames – 10

Camera RTSP stream and MAC address

To get the correct details, open NX Witness client and right click on the camera you want to run object detection on, select the camera settings option.

You will find both the camera RTSP address and MAC address within this menu. Copy the required details to the Object Detector settings page.

NX Server details

Add the IP address of the ANT unit, the username (admin) and the password.

NX Witness camera rule for Object Detection

Add a new rule for the camera that you want to enable the Object recognition on as per the below image

When – Motion on camera, starts – At – Choose camera

Do HTTP request – interval of action set at no more than once per 10 seconds or more.

HTTP URL – enter the following

Event – When – Generic Event – Occurs

Leave fields blank

Action – Do – Bookmark

At – Choose camera

Leave Tags empty