Facial Recognition
Licence Plate Recognition
Biometrics Facial Recognition
People Counting & Crowd Counting

At AoL, we believe that our solutions will soon become one of the biggest segments in the industry. We already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication and a daring attitude. Continue reading and learn all there is to know about the smart tech behind our successful Technology Company.



Face Recognition

Art of Logic is able to integrate and customize the latest facial and identity recognition technology software from our partner Vision Labs to deliver a number of tangible insights about your business and customers. We deliver identity centric solutions enabling businesses to proactively gain real-time customer insights.

​Designed to initially support facial recognition from 0.6m to 12m coupled with facial, age, gender & sentiment recognition, retina scanning, gait and biomass detection, AoL delivers intelligent insight about your visitors. Our technology can capture on a 2MP video stream wheelchair bound customers as well as those that are either standing still or walking through the capture zone. 

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Biometrics Facial Recognition

AoL partners with Innovatrics ABIS which is a biometric identity management system supporting iris and facial recognition. Fast and accurate performance is achieved with minimal hardware requirements. Utilising Innovatrics software, AoL is able to engineer a perfect solution for your business.



License Plate Recognition 

AoL partners with leading License Plate Recognition vendors to effectively monitor and address public safety concerns, protect assets and provide insights into businesses and communities. We integrate technology to provide public safety, video analytics and surveillance solutions that work for all business types.
Rekor’s technology is propelling the evolution from traditional license plate recognition systems and traffic monitoring to AI-enabled smart roadways capable of serving multiple missions from a single source.
We provide businesses and property managers with actionable, real time-data to enable informed decisions and automate operations. Through secure and intelligently integrated solutions, users can increase security, manage customer turnover, and improve revenue opportunities.



People & Crowd Counting, Object Recognition, Weapon Detection 

AoL partners with Trueface Technology who specialise in Computer Vision Solutions. AoL is able to integrate Trueface software to create a bespoke package to provide your business safety video analytics and surveillance solutions that work. These advanced video analytics provide altogether better understanding of customer movement and behaviour, real-time customer insights provide instant understanding of customer interaction with products and displays, as well as for example proactively recognize threats through weapon detection.


AoL is proud to work with a wide variety of businesses in Australia. 
Some projects are more complex than others, but the focus is always the outcome of the implementation – to increase safety, efficiency, transparency and data insights.