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At Art of Logic Pty Ltd, we believe that our solutions will become one of the most important segments in computer vision and surveillance. We already know that every product we build requires hard-earned skills, dedication, and a daring attitude. Continue reading and learn all there is to know about the smart tech behind our successful Technology Company.



Managing swipe cards is tedious, not to mention a heightened vulnerability in your protocols as the cards can be easily stolen. What if we could replace the card with something that is unique to you and impossible to leave behind? Your face is your key to the future of access control.



The iryx owl camera can act as your server using the Nx VMS and supports object recognition through machine learning onboard (with
up to 90 days of storage). The Owl is a multi-spectral imaging and multi-sensor IoT device. It performs A.I computations at the edge to
deliver real-time detection and event classification.



AoL has been partnered with the only the best Video Management System, Nx Witness VMS since 2010. In fact, AoL was the first
company to bring Nx Witness VMS to Australia and to have sold Nx Witness VMS Channels to Australia and New Zealand.
Nx Witness VMS was built specifically for its users, it can integrate with anything and works with 99% of IP cameras straight out of the
box. Not only is it lightweight and cross platform, its fast, dependable and customisable. Nx Witness VMS allows users to accurately and
effectively manage multiple sites simultaneously. Oh and did we mention the free upgrades and NO yearly subscription fees?



Multi-Spectral Visible and Thermal Imaging solutions see more than conventional cameras for longstanding and emerging security and business intelligence applications. They uniquely allow you to differentiate and classify bodies, vehicles and faces in any or no light with features like liveliness detection and radiometric information improving analytics and situational comprehension.The iryx camera acts as its own server with high level integration with the Nx Witness VMS platform and also utilises up to an 80 object recognition library.



Art of Logic partners with iryx who provide a range of sensory capabilities well beyond human capacities to see and detect things that would otherwise go unnoticed until they become obvious problems. Whether you need to facial recognition, count and classify vehicles, monitor classroom occupancy, or detect vibrations in critical machinery, iryx has the right combination of sensors to deliver the precise solutions you need for specific locations and market applications.