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Being part of Art of Logic means we operate in a fast-paced world where changes happen often and quickly. This media section includes all the exciting news and updates about Art of Logic, as well as industry news and analysis. If you have any questions about our innovative tech, please get in touch today.

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The Ant - A Super Small, Super Strong, & Super Powerful Dependable & Affordable Server. 

Art of Logics’s team of reputable engineers have developed this server to be small, secure and ridiculously powerful. The Ant is an affordable and lightweight server which makes this the the perfect solutionfor any small to medium size business, and is only available to purchase through Art of Logic Pty Ltd.

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Safer Streets Solution allowing Local
Government to tackle their day-to-day issues
with a comprehensive intelligence solution that
is flexible, scalable & customisable

Bayside Council took a proactive approach to improve public safety and reduce anti-social
behaviour along the Botany Bay foreshore.

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Art of Logic has integrated the world's best video management system with an industry leading Facial Recognition solutions provider, Corsight AI.

Art of Logic has integrated and customised the latest facial and identity recognition technology software by Corsight with Nx Witness VMS (Video Management System), to overcome the limits of physical security and provide advanced video analytics for real-time, automated and low-bias biometric identification and surveillance operations. Every face capture is imported into Nx Witness VMS notification panel as a detailed capture and includes age, gender and sentiment. 

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Art of Logic is thrilled to announce that it has entered an authorized re-seller partnership with
one of the world’s most renowned video surveillance CCTV manufacturers, Hanwha Techwin. This
partnership will allow Art of Logic, a leading provider in Hardware and Software, to re-sell Hanwha
products across Australia with the ability to access their latest product offerings with high levels
of integrations with Nx Witness VMS.

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Art of Logic partners with brands that meet our high standards, including Innovatrics SmartFace Platform, which integrates seamlessly into Nx Witness. The platform is approved by CBS for its face recognition technology.

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Reduce your dependence on a server with the iryx owl 

The iryx owl camera can act as your server using the Nx VMS and supports object recognition through machine learning onboard (with up to 90 days of storage). The Owl is a multi-spectral imaging and multi-sensor IoT device. It performs A.I computations at the edge to deliver real-time detection and event classification.


Nx Witness Video Mangemenet System

Nx Witness VMS was built specifically for its users, it can integrate with anything and works with 99% of IP cameras straight out of the box. Not only is it lightweight and cross platform, its fast, dependable and customisable. Nx Witness VMS allows users to accurately and effectively manage multiple sites simultaneously. Oh and did we mention the free upgrades and NO yearly subscription fees?

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Revolutionise Access Control with Facial Recognition

Managing swipe cards is tedious, not to mention a heightened vulnerability in your protocols as the cards can be easily stolen. What if we could replace the card with something that is unique to you and impossible to leave behind? Your face is your key to the future of access control.


IRYX Thermal Optics

Multi-Spectral Visible and Thermal Imaging solutions see more than conventional cameras for longstanding and emerging security and business intelligence applications. They uniquely allow you to differentiate and classify bodies, vehicles and faces in any or no light with features like liveliness detection and radiometric information improving analytics and situational comprehension. The iryx camera acts as its own server with high level integration with the Nx Witness VMS platform and also utilises up to an 80 object recognition library.

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IRYX Platform

Art of Logic partners with iryx who provide a range of sensory capabilities well beyond human capacities to see and detect things that would otherwise go unnoticed until they become obvious problems. Whether you need to facial recognition, count and classify vehicles, monitor classroom occupancy, or detect vibrations in critical machinery, iryx has the right combination of sensors to deliver the precise solutions you need for specific locations and market applications.